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Adventure bikes in Alaska, Denali to Coldfoot

We are back in Carlo Creek after our stay in Denali.  We take a well needed shower, take care of some laundry then treat ourselves to some pizza and beer.  We repack the bikes, plan is to head out at 0730 tomorrow, we have a long ride. A knock on the door awakens us. Oh no!!! The alarm didn't go off,  It’s 1100 and we know it’s going to be a late arrival into Coldfoot, darn alarm. We ride from Denali to Fairbanks approx. 125 mi. through more beautiful scenery. We both agree we like Fairbanks more than Anchorage.  We stop for gas, coffee and to catch up on the blog. Out on the road again at 1730. Thank goodness it doesn’t get dark here in the summer, departures can happen at any time of the day.

Just a few miles out of Fairbanks and buildings are a thing of the past. Reaching the sign for Livengood we know the Dalton Hwy is just around the bend. The highway that will lead us to Deadhorse and the Arctic Ocean. 

We see the Dalton Hwy sign and the excitement sets in.  The road isn’t too bad and soon we reach the Arctic Circle.  We stop for a picture the mosquitoes are fierce.

The Yukon River Bridge comprising of wooden planks is impressive.  More epic scenery and the road is off and on dirt, tarmac, potholes and gravel. Reaching coldfoot and our final destination we set up tent in Marion creek campground.  263 miles from Fairbanks, it has been a long day. It’s 0100 and we are quite exhausted, however, we can barely sleep thinking about leaving Deadhorse in just a few hours.


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