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Alaska Inside Passage

What a sweet place to park our bikes for a few days!

Two beds, room to stick our gear and to my surprise another door that I immediately thought was a connection to the adjacent cabin, is an en-suite bathroom! Pretty sweet.

The trip up has been a mixture of rain and high cloud, we have already seen a majestic humpback shoot water in the air and flip it's mighty tail fin out of the water, very cool. Bald eagles seem to be everywhere, chilling in the tree tops like the the crown of a totem.  Sharp mountains rise up from the water, very reminiscent of the Milford sound, it’s a beautiful sight.

The grub on the Malaspina has exceeded our expectations, we were prepared for an onslaught of nasty fried food, although, the nasty stuff is available, there are lots of options, and I had a killer pork roast with mash and Christine had a surprisingly good Chicken Adobo

Onward to Juneau!







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