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Dawson City-Top of the World Highway-Tok

Excellent ride out of Dawson, had to take the car ferry across the Klondike River. We had heard some horror stories the day before about people crossing the Top of the World HWY in greasy conditions in 6 inches of mud! With the journey taking 5-6 hrs. We hoped conditions were better today.

Trip across the Top of the World was nothing but epic. Stunning vistas and some cool riding made for an awesome day on the bikes. Christine is looking pretty comfortable standing on her pegs on a fully laden adventure bike—she is such a good rider!

Cabin for two

Crossed back into the US at the most northern US border crossing then stopped briefly in a town that was supposed to be name Ptarmigan, however, they could not spell so they called it Chicken.

We had heard from a fellow biker about an all biker camping place in Tok, so we sought it out. The options were a cabin for two or an ambulance for two (really an ambulance), the ambulance would have been a sure thing if it did not smell so musty, so we opted for the cabin. Private sauna was awesome, clothes optional;)

Tomorrow we will probably be heading SW towards Anchorage and the Kenai peninsula. The Alaska Range looms on the horizon, it's quite a sight.

Enjoy the pics, stay tuned


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