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Hippo Hands fit all models of Harley Davidson motorcycles which do not have modifications to the handlebars.

There are 3 variants to note when ordering so please examine your bike prior to ordering. Refer to the photo below for example of fit considerations.

Does your bike have mirrors attached to the handlebars?
Does your bike have throttle cables?
Does your bike have turn signals mounted to the handlebars?

Click the link below to purchase the proper model:  If your model is not listed or if you have any modifications to your handlebar set-up please contact us by email for proper fit customerservice@hippohands.com


Please note:  If no significant wind protection exists on your bike, in high wind velocity situations, blowback against the hand covers can cause damage to brake or clutch components.  We recommend that all hand covers be mounted with handguards or lever guards to prevent blow back. Many of our customers successfully use our product without these devices, however, certain models require a handguard or lever guard for proper installation and fit.







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