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The KTM 390 & 690 Dukes have 2 great options for hand covers depending on your riding style, riding temperature, and personal preference.  

Option 1:  The Back Country model is designed as a small, effective but minimalist option for cold weather riders. It's smaller size provides less rain protection than larger models, but unless you ride in heavy rains it provides impressive protection and is visually much less obtrusive. It combines nicely with heated grips. 


It is necessary to have hand guards or lever guards mounted with this model in order to stabilize the hand cover and to prevent blow back onto the brake and clutch levers. 


Option 2: the Alvord model is larger than the Back Country and offers full hand and lower arm protection from the elements. It is suited for riders who commute in bad weather and/or travel in potentially inclement weather.



 As always, email us with questions, we are happy to chat about your options. customerservice@hippohands.com

The Reflective tape option gives you an added strip of highly reflective 3M tape sewn into the front edge of the hand cover. This is an inexpensive way to improve your night-time visibility!

Sold in pairs. 

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