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Listed below are descriptions of our different models, please use the search tools on the website by searching for your specific motorcycle, or inquire with us directly via email with fit questions.

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the Alcan- One of our most versatile models for Sport touring, Adventure bikes, and many others. Ample hand opening and sleek overall design make it a very popular model. We recommend lever guards/bars to provide adequate support and blowback prevention.

the Harley Davidson models- Harley's are notoriously difficult to fit with hand covers due to their varying handlebar set-ups, turn signal location and downward facing throttle cables. We have solutions for all Harley models with OEM bars! Examine your handlebar set-up and follow the instructions on our Harley page for proper model selection. We recommend lever guards/bars to provide adequate support and blowback prevention.

 The Rogue- Mid-sized hand cover that fits almost anything! Great on Enduro bikes, sport touring bikes, and adventure bikes. It is also the best option for motorcycles without mirrors on the handlebars.


the Back Country- The ultimate design for anyone who needs wind protection with minimal bulk. This model can go on virtually any bike or scooter. It allows the rider to stand and ride comfortably, attaches and detaches in seconds, packs easily. The Back Country model fits over the top of Hand guards It is a favorite for dirt bikes and enduros but also fits cruisers, sport bikes, and super motards equally as well. We strongly recommend having either hand guards or lever guards mounted to the bike to provide support and prevent blowback.

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