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Where have you been all my life

I should have bought these years ago. I’m running my heated grips on low when the temps are in the mid 30’s. I also love that my gloves stay dry.

Extremely helpful and and happy

Wonder what I did without them, they are wonderful.

Great product!!!

Love these! Keeps the wind and nasty weather off my hands and the heat from my grips in. Have yet to use winter gloves when these are installed. Installation is a breeze, maybe 5 minutes total from box to bike.

Hippo hands rogue

Excellent product! Works well and fit my super tenere perfect. Riding in 40 degrees in the wet Pacific Northwest is much more pleasant now.

I run the Bark Buster hand guards on my BMW R1250 GS Adventure. The Velcro strap that came with the Alcan system is useless. The Velcro strip that's attached inside the hippo hands is way to short! No good! I had to use regular old Velcro and stick it to the side of the hand guard rail so it would catch a portion of the inside of the hippo hands Velcro strip. They do keep the wind and rain off my hands.

Thank you for your feedback. We have added sewn-in straps to all of our new models, and have extended the length of the fitment velcro straps!
We appreciate customer feedback, and we strive to continually improve our product!

Good with a little modification

They do work. These and heated grips get me to work every day. Coldest commute so far is 28f. Hoping they still work into the low teens. It’s nice using leather lined gloves instead of the bulky heated gloves. The Velcro to wrap the hand guards is too short for GS handguards , and I also ended up making extra Velcro straps to seal them up tighter around the mirrors/controls. Minus stars for the air gaps & Velcro provided being short. I need to source some longer/thicker Velcro to wrap the hand guards to keep them from popping loose. Overall I’d still recommend them. So far so good.

Thank you for your feedback on the velcro. All models now come with longer velcro fitment straps, and a sewn-in securement strap for improved fitment. Even the widest hand guards are now a great fit!

good kit

work very well so far down to 33. next is to test at 20 and then 0.

Quality only hurts once!!

Way more expensive than the competition but the quality of these mitts really shows.

Awesome Upgrade

If you ride anything below freezing these are a must. Eliminates 95% of the wind chill while riding. Of course you still need a decent pair of winter gloves. Don't expect to ride bare handed. Easy to take on and off the bike. Excellent build quality. Only minor criticism is I wish the patches of velcro were bigger so I can adjust the Hippo Hands more and make them a little tighter around the bars to close off all air gaps. None the less, awesome product!

Alcon max

Thay work grate was looking for somethings that I did not have to wear thick winter gloves Best thang I have found that bloc’s 100% of the wind work good in the rain it’s a good fit for universal fit cannot complain worth the money


This is a high quality product! They work great with my sportster and are going to work great with my Pan America come spring time

Cold hand riding solution!

I live in New England but I don't talk about a short riding season. There is quite a lot of time when there is not snow or ice to be seen on the roads during our Winter so no reason not to ride! These Alcans really make a difference on my 2020 BMW GSA. So far, I've ridden this season in temps in the teens and my hands have stayed plenty warm with Summer riding gloves & handgrip heat. I've ridden for years with really great Winter gloves and heated grips but the heavier gloves are clumsy to work controls in. Thanx Hippo Hands! I'll be ordering a couple more pairs for my other motos. ~Corvus

Great value after a couple months of winter riding

Very easy to take on and off. Fits well around the lever guards. They also seem waterproof so far. Only disadvantage is that I imagine the velcro attachments might wear out at some point

Softail Slim Not Compatible.

Wore out front rotors at highway speed.

We state on every product page that we do not recommend installing hand covers without hand guards. Hand Guards or Lever guards are necessary to support them and to prevent blowback onto the levers.

Great product!

Works very good and even better with my heated grips. I have a Kawasaki Versys 1000 and they stay in place and block wind very well as described. Theses are a keeper for use in colder temperatures.

Alcans....Great Product, even better customer service.

I had to wait until the temps dipped to give my Alcans an honest review. I bought these for my Harley Pan America because my old handlebar muffs were too tight for the handlebar controls. I was a little skeptical of how warm they would be because of how big the hand openings were but it has gotten down into the 20's and my hands have been good with middleweight gloves. The Alcans do not interfere with any of the Pan America's many buttons either. Very well made also. When I first got them the velcro straps were too short to fit around my stock handguards. I notified customer service and a set of extenders were in mail the next day.

Oh and the little orange logo matches my bike. ;)

Good idea, so so product

Universal fit is poor for my 08 r1200gs, large openings are present
Also the Velcro provided is woefully inadequate for stock handguards.

We are happy to send you the updated Velcro straps. We realize the early version were too short for some hand guards.
We are also happy to help with fitment issues, we have fit the Rogues on the GS and they should work great. Please email us and we can help with any issues you are having.
Thank you for the feedback!

They work

They work as advertised, making cold weather riding considerably more comfortable, sitting or standing. My bike (Guzzi Stelvio) required a longer hook & loop strap than supplied but Hippo Hands was quick to send a longer one to me at no additional cost. Very pleased.


Looking at the weather app, we’ve had 66mm / 2.6” of rain today on the wet west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada … and yes, we DID go for a ride!! The Hippo Hands had their first test and they worked AMAZINGLY!!! So happy and a huge thanks from both of us!

Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers


I commute daily on my 2008 versys 650, and once Washington winter starts to rear its head with rain and cold mornings heated grips just couldn't keep up. I got the backcountry because the versys' handlebars sits pretty close to the fairing and I was concerned the larger models would have rubbed even more. Now I think I could have gotten by with the larger Hippo hands just fine. While the backcountry does rub on full lock just a little it doesn't impede riding. The wind and rain blockage substantially helps slow down heat loss on my hands and allows me to feel my fingers still when I get in to work on those nippy mornings. I'm running Touratech plastic hand guards which don't allow the outside velcro to be positioned exactly where its needed (a straight aluminum dirt bike hand guard would be perfect. As expected) but I haven't had any issues with my Hippo hands being loose or moving around, even with only a small amount of hand guard velcro in contact with the Hippo hands. Next time I'll try the size up. But for ease of use and adaptability, the are great!

R1200GSA Alcan

While they do make the bike look as wide as a Hippo my fingers are toasty warm. Wished I would have invested in these years ago. These are a lot like electric heated gear. People can describe how good it works but until you try for yourself you just won't get it.

These are now are much as a part of my cold weather gear and my electric heated jacket liner. Its riding smarter not harder.

Easy to install. Combined with heated grips and cold hands are the last thing you have to think about on a winter ride.

Freaking awesome

Bought them to use on my big bikes but have been using them on my ktm 500 excf. Wish I had bought them years ago

Very Versatile!

These work equally well on my large adventure bike as my mid-weight dual sport. They can easily be switch between the bikes making the need for a dedicated set unnecessary. Definitely recommend.