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Company is not very transparent

After purchasing their recommendation they introduced an improved version.

Hi William, we're sorry you're unhappy and we're disappointed in your review, but it happens.

So you know, we contemplated a 'Coming Soon' message about our new product release as we were hoping to receive the new models before the holiday season. However, we, like many others, experienced shipping delays due to the global pandemic, among other things. As a result, there was no way we could have accurately known when we would actually take delivery of the new product. The reality was that our shipment from our manufacturer ended up being about 6 weeks later than expected.

We suspect being six weeks late with promises to customers about new products would have created frustration also. We hope your hands are warm through this and that you're enjoying the ride.

Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers

Not received anything!!!

Didn't get a tracking number, not a word, money has come out of my bank, so not happy...

Hi Graham, we're sorry you're not happy. We have emailed you twice since you placed your original order (please check your spam folder) to let you know that sometimes orders to the UK take much longer than expected. We have also informed you that our European warehouse was coming online and that this would be a better option for your order. We appreciate your continued patience.

So long, heated gloves

No longer will I need to plug gloves into the moto. No more wires! 30-35 degree riding for two hours, 35-60 MPH, cold weather gloves: hands stayed warm to cool---never cold.

Hippo Hands: Money-saver in the long-run, no need to spend extra for those electric gloves.

We love this! Thanks for taking the time to write your review, Gian!

Worked great

Back country hippo hands worked great. Bought them for my smaller bikes to ride in the NW winter. Threw them on a XR for a 35 degree New Year’s Day ride. I wore summer gloves the whole time and was comfortable. When you stand up with them on they still touch your arm but doesn’t get in the way at all. I would definitely recommend.

Great way to extend your riding season.

Fits both my F700GS and my R1200RT. Keeps my heated grip heat in. Doesn’t interfere with control operation. Simple and quick to take on and off.

Backcountry - Enduro

Awesome product. Hands were toasty at 30F riding at highway speeds. Work great with grip heaters. Great job.

Hippo hands

No delivery yet still waiting for it.

Very well made

Bought them for my husband as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves them!

Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers

Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers

good for rides in the cold. Not so good for rides longer than 30 minutes

I really wanted to like these

I wanted to like the Hippo Hands, unfortunately they just wouldn't fit up to my bike correctly. I think the design of the straps could be improved to allow for a more secure fit over my controls, as a result I was unable to secure the Hippo Hands where I wanted them.

Great figment, they really do help in extreme cold and in-climate weather. They are worth every penny and a must have

Im very happy 😃 with my new alcan

I am very happy with my new Hippo hands Alkan
I have a bmw gs 1250 adventure and it’s perfect 👌
No more cold and wett hands 😃

What a difference

I bought these to keep the snow off my hands when snow biking in the deep powder. What a difference it makes! Dry gloves and keeping the wind off when cruising the groomed trail keep my hands nice and warm. They are easy to put on and take off and super packable. I will be picking up another set for my ADV bike soon.
Backcountry ADV Motorsports
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A great piece of kit.

I bought these for my 2013 F800GS to extend my riding into the colder months. They fit well, though it takes a bit of tucking around the front brake reservoir. Of course I had to try them out on a crisp 38 F day. Paired with warm gloves and heated grips they worked perfectly. A great investment if you want to ride in the cold.

Work Great on 2016 BMW R1200R!

I have aftermarket (Barkbusters) hand guards installed on my naked 2016 BMW R1200R, and I installed these Alcan covers over them. They installed very easily and fit well enough. They work great. I've used them around town and on the highway during cold-ish riding (mid to low 40's F) and in the rain. In combination with the grip warmers on the bike these covers worked very well. A little bit of cold air seeps in around to the thumbs but nothing that is uncomfortable. During the rainy ride my hands were dry and warm. Very pleased.


Mega in the summer as well

Alcan Hippo Hands international delivery

I am sure that the item will work good once it’s delivered. Guess I ordered it too late. According to USPS it is processed and in transit to destination. Hope I will still have a chance to test it before summer 😁👍🏼

2nd bike 2nd pair

Got the full size for my big bike and love it so when I got my duel sport I got the mid size and thy are great


The backcountry hand covers keep most of the cold wind from my hands. I can ride with summer gloves in winter now. The reason I bought the backcountry was to be able to keep seeing my controls. Next time I would go for one of the bigger versions, since there still is a bit of backdraft that cools my hands on the highway

Great product

Hippo Hands now allow me to ride in much colder weather than I normally would. Highly recommend

Well made, no regrets

Haven’t used them yet for winter riding but they fully encapsulate the bark busters and all the controls and I have zero question they’ll keep the cold air off my hands so I don’t have to wear the heavy gloves that I don’t like to ride in because I don’t have a good “feel” in them.