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backcountry hippo hands

These fit my Harley Pan America perfectly. Don't even need to use the velcro.

Hey Frank B. Thanks for sharing the love. We're glad you like your Backcountrys. We're pretty stoked that Alcans, Rogues and Backcountrys all fit the Pan America so nicely.

well worth the price....and more

Other brands force you to cut holes for the mirrors, which means you have to pull stuff apart just to get them on. I keep my Hippo Hands in my top trunk and can pull them out and mount in under 1 minute. An important feature when the weather comes in.

My bike is my only vehicle. I commute daily year-round and travel. These are great on rainy days any season and are extra awesome with heated grips. Been thinking about picking some up for years. Waited way too long.

Hey Chris, Thanks for taking the time to share your review. We're stoked you're happy with your Rogues! We're for people who really ride and you clearly fit the bill! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution!

Warm dry hands

Got these because waterproof gloves are usually only good for a couple years and you never know when they will fall. Even if these eventually were to leak 99 percent of the water would be stopped from getting through your gloves. Looking forward to years of service from these

Hi Steve. We make them to withstand the rigors of riding so hopefully they last as long as you own your bike! Hippo Hands are typically a better value than a lot of 'waterproof' gloves too! Thanks for being part of the #warmhandsrevolution.

Velcro bar wraps
Mark Cornell
Great service

I received my Rogue Hippo Hands and the velcro that wraps around side of the handguard was a bit short. I contacted Hippo Hands and they immediately put a longer pair in the mail, no charge. Awesome customer service!

Mark, we're happy you're happy. 'nuff said!

Hippo Hands on a 1994 FLST Fat Boy! So far very good

It appears that very few Hippo Hand Rogues and/or Alcans have been mounted on Harley Davidson bikes. I called Hippo Hands and they suggested the best fit would be the Rogues. So I had to come up with my own attachments to make it work! I purchased from e-bay a pair of metal black handguards (pic 1) for about $22 . Mounted them on the rearview mirror posts. I next drilled a hole in the front of the Hippo Hands and aligned it up to the hand guard and drilled a hole in it, in fact I ended up drilling about three holes to get the best fit. The position between the right side and the left side worked out to be very different. I used a 3 /4 inch hex headed bolt with a large washer and matching rubber washer and inserted it through the hole I drilled in the Hippo Hand right and into the hole I drilled on the hand guard pic 2), used a washer and self locking nut to secure the Hippo Hands to the metal hand guard (pic 3), Aligned it to where I felt right and tightened up the nut (pic 4). It's not going any where! I then did the same to the left hand guard and left Hippo Hand. Feels pretty good and looks pretty good. Would of put more pics, but 5 was all that I was allowed. I think it turned out pretty nicely (pic 5). Very easy and quickly to take on and off, if needed. With this instillation, I think the larger Alcan would also fit.

Hey Dennis, We love the ingenuity. And we're stoked that you're liking your Rogues.

Excellent customer service.

I contacted Hippo Hands to ask about longer Velcro straps to attach to my handguards. I was planning on buying some but they replied that they were sending some to me, no charge. Awesome customer service and quick shipping. Thank you.


Game changer in cold weather. You can wear smaller more dexterous gloves and still be warm. Awesome. Installed on a Tiger Rally Pro.

That's it, Doug! Enjoy the rider more, be safer with thinner gloves and have warm, dry hands all year long! You nailed it! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution we're glad you're here!

Helmets for my last

Bulky winter gloves will no longer inhibit me from "feeling" my motorcycle more intimately. Now with Hippo Hands, I will be using middle-weight gloves in winter. What a difference! Thank you for bringing these back with style!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review! We love when customers totally get the concept of feeling the ride! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution we're glad you're here!

Love the new Rogue! Just did a 4 day ride with lows in the 30s and the hands stayed warm the entire time!

Yeah Nels! Tested and approved by Mr. Akerlund! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution we're glad you're here!

Love these!

For having to drive in the morning as a commuter motorcycle on certain days - it sure can be freezing on your hands in those early hours. These were a life-saver! Wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I only wish I had the brackets to support them since they aren't able to support themselves and I constantly was battling keeping them upright over my hands unless I put the clutch and brake handles through the elastic.

Love that they are quick to install / remove

These to a good job of blocking wind & rain, are super easy to install / remove, and are small enough that they do not interfere at all with controls!


Rogues work well on both KTM 890 Adventure R and BMW R1250GS, wish I had bought them earlier, great customer service also, highly recommended !

Pretty good minus one issue.

They fit well and definitely block the elements, but there is a gap on the inside towards the middle of the handlebars that does not close or get blocked off. This causes wind to flow freely into them and really reduces the effectiveness. I need to find a square of Velcro or something to plug that hole and then they will be pretty much perfect. They do fit nicely even with mirrors and are very easy to put on and take off. So, besides that hole issue, I really like and recommend them. In the image I included, which is not my bike or image, but I circled in yellow where the issue of the gap is that I mentioned.

Rode all of April because of these

Great service and product. I ride to school 73 miles around 6am and the first couple weeks in April were consistently low 30s, two days at least ten miles of those ride in 29 degrees, and the hippo hands kept my hands warm. They’re absolutely necessary. Good gore-Tex gloves and heated grips still had my hands numb and my soul crying and my brain worrying about frostbite when riding long distance winter miles, but the combination of those grips, goretex, and hippos...? So long as it’s not sleeting, I’m riding and I ain’t crying.
The rubber backed grips were super helpful keeping the hippos on strong. Thank you for sending those free of charge and with patient, kind service. Good company.

Great product

Very good quality. Nice fit, warm hands. Enough said....

Velcro bar wraps
Tim Burke

This fixed the issue of the muffs sliding forward! Perfect design!

Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Gerry Perez c/o CHP Air Operations
Almost Perfect

The velcro stitched on the inside needs to be longer in length to allow the front portion of the Hippo Hand to fully rest against the front face of the hand guard. With the current design, the length of velcro that stitched inside the Hippo Hand doesn't attach to the provided velcro strap when placing the Hippo Hand against the front of the motorcycles hand guard.
Additionally, I wish the provided velcro strap was longer in length. The straps provided just barely fit on my 2019 R1250GSA. Any suggestions on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.
Had the opportunity to test these out recently on a ride through Oregon and Washington in temps around the low and mid 40's. They performed as advertised and material used is quality stuff.

Warm and dry.

Used Hippo Hands on a dual sport ride up the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route. No heated grips on my bike. Despite cool temperatures and bouts of rain, these kept my hands warm and dry. Sure they look a little funky but they work splendidly.

Amazing idea very well executed!


Warm and dry

Great product! Easy to use, easy enough to store, and most important keeps my hands warm and dry. I do quite a bit of cold weather riding. My Hippo Hands make this riding a pleasure.

Great Product

Very clever product, works great!!


great product...worth every dollar

These are game changing

I’ve been using these for about a month now. My commute to work is about an hour and fifteen minutes. I’ve ridden multiple times in temperatures around 34°F.......with SUMMER GLOVES! (The only ones I have). Hippo hands have been a complete game changer for me. So far, I absolutely love them. Easy to install and very functional. I cannot recommend them higher!

A must have for 4 season riding

I couldn't be more pleased with my Hippo Hands. The quality of the product is very high. They fit my BMW GS adventure very well and allow me to wear lighter weight gloves vs the bulky winter gloves that limit my ability to interact with my GPS or other electronic devices. If you have heated grips, go with the Hippo Hands rather than electric or bulky winter gloves.