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The Atlas Throttle Lock: We have tested it... and we love it.

   With numerous options for throttle locks on the market, Atlas brand stands out as a great value, and an all around easy to install and easy to use accessory for your motorcycle.
   Anyone who has logged highway miles on a motorcycle knows that hand fatigue can lead to safety issues, discomfort, and less fun. The Atlas throttle lock installs quickly; and if you're having troubles, the team at Atlas will trouble shot with you and get you fit properly. It is operated with two simple controls that live next to your thumb; one button to engage, one to disengage. simple and easy to use. The pressure plate, when engaged, holds your throttle tight enough not to slip while cruising, while maintaining the ability to "fine tune" your throttle as needed. Disengaging the Atlas is a simple push of a button with your thumb, or if you need to simply de-throttle it will not prevent you from doing so. This thing is safe and easy to use.  It is a real game changer on a road trip to be able to relax your throttle hand periodically. I can't believe it took me this long to get one.

Hand comfort and safety is kinda our thing, and we love this little device.


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