Hippo Hands: No Substitute for the Original

For the motorcycle enthusiast, there is a good bit of history associated with the Hippo Hands brand. It all started in the early 70s with the legendary motorcycle product designer, Craig Vetter. When on a long, chilly ride—with painfully cold hands—Vetter wrapped his sleeping bag around his handlebars using duct tape creating the first Hippo Hands.

Craig Vetter with the original concept of Hippo Hands.

Hippo Hands continues to evolve today. Riders share insights and experiences with us and this leads to product improvements. As a result, we've refined and reengineered our designs so they fit better, keep their shape better and perform better. We aim to do our part in making every ride the best ride possible.

Our mantra: Comfort every ride.

We are dedicated to every rider who has experienced discomfort while on their motorcycle: cold hands while riding can turn an amazing ride into pure misery. The way we prefer to look at it is that keeping cold wind, rain and snow off your hands improves every ride. To say it straight, our products make riding more comfortable, more safe and more fun.

Wind conducts heat away from your hands and can lead to unpleasant and unsafe riding situations. Hippo Hands keep your hands dry in a wind-free, warm, fleece-lined sanctuary, making a long ride more pleasant and safer for the rider.

The Hippo Hands team loves to ride. And whether you're out on your first weekend tour with your crew or commute daily come rain or shine, we get you. Riding in comfort is simply better.

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Hippo Hands are the original motorcycle hand covers and each pair is made using high-quality craftsmanship and the best available, weather-resistant materials.

Join the #warmhandsrevolution and enjoy comfort every ride.

Hippo Hands Alcans are a maximum coverage hand cover


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