Hippo Hands: No Substitute for the Original

Hippo Hands are the original motorcycle hand covers. Each pair is durable and made using the highest quality craftsmanship. The outer shell is HippoSkin™, our waterproof outer shell and all Hippo Hands are insulated with HippoFat™, our closed cell foam insulation.

American Original

For the motorcycle enthusiast, there is a good bit of history associated with the Hippo Hands brand. It all started in the early 70s with the legendary motorcycle product designer, Craig Vetter. When on a long, chilly ride—with painfully cold hands—Vetter wrapped his sleeping bag around his handlebars using duct tape creating the first Hippo Hands.

Craig Vetter with the original concept of Hippo Hands.

Hippo Hands continues to evolve today. Riders share insights and experiences with us and this leads to product improvements. As a result, we've refined and reengineered our designs so they fit better, keep their shape better and perform better. We're always working to do our part to ensure warm, dry hands on every ride.

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Hippo Hands Alcans are a maximum coverage hand cover


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