Customer Review: A week on my BMW G310GS with the Rogue model.

Customer Review: A week on my BMW G310GS with the Rogue model.

Posted by Bryan Miller on

Customer review provided by Katelyn H, Dallas, TX


When the BMW G 310 GS came to the US motorcycle market less than a year ago, not many people took it seriously as a legitimate touring bike. To be fair, there are bikes better suited to it, but I wanted the chance to prove to myself (and others) that my beginner bike could do it. My husband and I had already done a weekend trip from Dallas to Arkansas and I was ready for something more ambitious — a weeklong trip to Colorado.

As we planned the trip, the question of having appropriate gear for the temperatures became an issue. I considered a warmer pair of gloves, but after doing some research became very interested in the Hippo Hands product. At first glance it did not appear they had a solution for the “baby” GS, but after reaching out to their amazing customer service department, I found that the Rogue model would fit my bike.

The Hippo Hands Rogue model comes in three varieties—all black, black with 3M reflective tape, and one with clear windows for displaying integrated turn signals.


Installation was a no-brainer! The included velcro is an optional item to attach to your hand guards to help keep the Hippo Hands in place. Honestly, we tossed the velcro with the box and I have not missed it.

The Rogue model product page states no hand guards are required, but I found them necessary. I knew we were going on a long journey and I was concerned the Hippo Hands would rest on my controls. After installing some Barkbusters, I have absolutely no complaints.


Let’s be real, the point of these is purely functional. They are an add-on that stow away in a dry bag very well when the temperatures warm up. They don't look bad, but it definitely says “I am a dedicated, hard core rider!” rather than “Hey! Check out my bad ass bike!”. The reflectivity is a fantastic feature on the version I chose. We rode through a lot of rain and in low light situations and they greatly helped my visibility to oncoming traffic.

The Ride

These are fantastic for all weather protection! We rode almost the entire first day of our trip in rain and they held up extremely well. I believe they would have kept my hands and non-waterproof gloves drier for longer had I not forgotten to tuck my gloves into my jacket.

They also did very well at keeping my hands warm. I was wearing a pair of summer gloves on the trip and was able to test the Hippo Hands out to about 40º Fahrenheit. That may not be cold to most, but to this Texas girl, it was cold enough. They kept my hands nice and warm and I believe would have been able to keep me comfortable with the summer gloves down to the low 30’s. Combine a pair of warmer gloves with the Hippo Hands and I think any rider would be set until it simply became a question of safety due to road conditions.


The Hippo Hands product is a must have for serious weather protection. Their combination of insulation and wind protection do far more than what a comparably priced (though often more expensive) pair of gloves can do. Not to mention that when you increase the weather and temperature protection of a pair of gloves it often detracts from your level of feel on the controls. The Hippo Hands allow you to have temperature protection and use a pair of gloves that give you the feel you desire. All in all I can’t say enough good about them.

As a closing note, don’t be afraid if you don’t see exact fitment for your bike. Not only do they fit my G 310 GS beautifully, they’ll likely work on your machine as well. If you are looking to extend your riding season, look no further than the Hippo Hands product—you will not be disappointed!


Thanks for the review, Kate! We love getting unsolicited customer feedback! We're continuously working on refining the "look" of our line of products. We've made them more "badass" than they were before... The bottom line is they work and you're a perfect addition to the #warmhandsrevolution! Be safe! Be warm!

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