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Mt. Rainier WA

To be honest, Tacoma...ugh...cars and trucks, stop lights, strip malls.....and then you get to Enumclaw.....As I head out of town, I exit the mayhem of city bustle and I am on the verge of beautiful mountain roads, large trees, lakes, and the smell of childhood van trips in the PNW. Immediately past the gate to Mount Rainier National Park, the cars are few, the road winds lazily through the forest, and you get your first glimpse of the mountain. Rivers of ice and snow remind you that the severity of winters here is real. Despite the 80 degree day, there are still patches of snow along the road and the cooling effect is welcome. Twistier and prettier is the theme to the top of the road. The most difficult part is not stopping at every turn-out.
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Welcome to the Yukon!

The ride from Skagway took us through BC and then into the Yukon. This section of road simply leaves one saying "wow". We could barely keep our eyes on the road the scenery was so epic.

The obligatory cavity search by Canadian customs, then we were on our way. Made a stop in Whitehorse for a coffee, bustling capital city. Onward… The Yukon is a vast territory with minimal to no people on the roads most of the time, countless lakes, rivers, spruce and deciduous trees, making us feel quite small in comparison. Lots of road signs that look similar to ^^^ which means uneven road. One area was quite gravelly, muddy, and greasy .

Made it safely to Carmacks where we made camp for the night. Met some other bikers there from France, Columbia, US, and Argentina. Federico from Argentina has been traveling for a year now on a 250cbx Honda.

Today we traveled from Carmacks to Dawson City—a cool old mining town. Dirt roads through town and most of the buildings appear to be from the early 1900s. Lots of adventure bikes in town to our surprise. Apparently the bikers and some big adventure bike outfitters are here to watch the summer solstice and do some sort of poker run.

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Alaska by bike, Juneau!!

I hear it rains frequently in Juneau, quite frequently.  However, we were treated with an absolutely spectacular day today. When the weather's good in Juneau, the town sparkles.

We are camping at Mendenhall Lake with the massive glacier as our back drop, complete with floating icebergs. Today we went on a brilliant hike up Mt Roberts, spectacular views and such fantastic weather today. The only thing to spoil the view looking down are the obnoxiously large cruise ships, I cannot believe the size of these floating hotels, no wonder they excrete so much waste.

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Women ADV Riders Christmas gift guide

Women ADV riders just gave us a great shout out in their 2017 Holiday gift guide!

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Two wheels to the Arctic...An Alaska Travel Blog. Preparation

Fitting the right tires.
Using the hitch mount for the NOMAR tire changer, works well, perfect working height. Two Heidenau K60’s are mounted and balanced. We have a lot of experience with these tires and have been very impressed.  The F650(800)GS is now pretty much set and ready to head to the Arctic. Heidenau tires for the Tiger have shipped, I will mount them a week before departure to get every mile out of them as possible.  Alaska beckons...
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Two wheels to the Arctic...An Alaska Travel Blog

One month in Alaska.... Barely enough time to make a dent, however, enough time to scratch the surface.  Carried by two Adventure motorcycles, a Triumph Tiger 800 and a BMW F650GS (800) on our journey. Alaska has always been on the list of places to travel across on a motorcycle (my list anyway). There is no better way to experience a country or a continent than by motorcycle and I hope through this blog you will feel like you are a part of our adventure. Not being in a position right now to take on the entire Pan American highway, we decided to bite off a large portion and take on Alaska. Our trip does include the inside passage, for some this is their Alaska trip, for us this is only a small portion of this adventure. We will be traveling through the Yukon, BC, hiking in Denali in the shadow of the highest mountain in the United States, and across the Arctic circle to the shore line of the Arctic ocean. Stay posted, it's gonna be a fun ride!!

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