Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hippo Hands model is right for me?
No matter what bike you ride or how you ride, we have a model that will keep your hands toasty and comfy! In simple terms, if you ride dirt or enduro our Backcountry is a great choice. They allow for dry, warm hands when riding through creeks, mud and wet brush and you can stand and ride with ease. The perfect commuter model is the Rogue. They go on and off super easy, provide full coverage for medium distance rides and you can still easily stand and ride if that suits your fancy. For long rides in cold or wet weather, the Alcan is the preference. Alcans offer maximum coverage which makes them great for touring and day-long rides even in severe conditions.

It can get more complicated, but this is a great starting point. Feel free to email us for more specific information!

How quickly will you ship my Hippo Hands?
We strive to ship your order within 2 days of receipt of payment. We work to be responsive if you have questions please email us. During holiday times you can contact us via email and we'll let you know exactly what the turn around time is for your particular model.

Are Hippo Hands waterproof?
The materials we use in all our models are waterproof, however, Hippo Hands are stitched and these seams are technically not waterproof. We have designed Hippo Hands to shed water away from your hands and keep them dry and warm. Team Hippo Hands rides, and we ride all year round in the Pacific Northwestern US. Hippo Hands will make your cold weather ride drier, safer, and more fun!

Does my bike need brush guards/hand guards?
Yes. We recommend that all Hippo Hands be mounted with hand guards to prevent potential blowback into the controls when riding at high speeds. We sell amazing hand guards LINK HERE

I have modifications to my handlebars, can you fit my bike?
Absolutely. Simply email us a few photographs of your handlebar set-up and we will assist you in fitting your bike.