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Extending the season

If I am comfortable I can keep riding and if I am riding I am having fun.  Love taking the big bike on some greasy terrain and I love this time of year.

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Cold weather commuting.

The best part of commuting to work on my motorcycle is that I look forward to the drive (ride) home. After a day at work, the ride home de-clutters my mind and puts me in a better mood, always arriving home one shade happier. The difficulty comes with cold weather. The proper outerwear and footwear is essential, but to keep your hands warm it is essential to protect them from cold wind and/or moisture. The combination of heated grips and Hippo Hands has revolutionized Winter and Fall commuting, now it's fun! I literally wear summer gloves all year now.

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Team Hippo Hands touring Europe!

The low elevations this time of year are hot but the mountain passes through the Alps are still snowy and freezing!  Beautiful scenery, and amazing little towns. South of France....put it on your list!!!

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Harley Davidson specific Hippo Hands

Harley Davidson motorcycles are a tough fit for "universal fit" hand covers due to the under-bar mounted turn signals, the down facing throttle cables, and the mirror placement..So, we have developed fits for all these contingencies. On the Harley page you will simply have to match up your bike depending on your handlebar set up. We are also working on development of a leather model for Harleys...Yes! Look for them in the near future.

 click the image below to see our fitment page.

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