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Unsolicited customer review — Alcans on BMW GS


Hippo Hands Alcans on BMW GS 

We absolutely love this stuff...(via Facebook)

Brian Dunn recommends Hippo Hands:

"Greetings, I dont often recommend any specific Products as I know with a Global Membership everyone has their own opinions, riding styles and brand-loyalties. However, having just returned from a few days ripping through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon to take in the Fall Colors.....I am blown away by the Hippo Hands Products!! https://www.hippohands.com/products/alcan-1They install in mere seconds and make a huge difference. I rode in weather this week from drizzly 36 degrees Fahrenheit to the mid 60's with lotsa sun. These grip covers provide a cozy pocket for your hands protecting from the wind and elements. I was able to ride with fingerless gloves the entire trip and only had to turn my heated grips to Level 1 as we got started in the morning and temps were at the 36F Low. When parking overnight - they come off as easily as they go on to be stored in locking pannier. Gotta say - I’m thrilled with them as they will surely allow me a few extra weeks of riding during the shoulder seasons here in the Philadelphia Suburbs. @Hippo Hands"


And we say welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution!


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