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BMW GS — the Alcan model is built for these bikes!

When we set out to build the best all-weather ADV and Sport Touring hand covers, we started with fitting the BMW GS, for obvious reasons. These bikes are being ridden all around the world, and by riders who typically ride in all weather conditions.

The outcome of our endeavor is a durable, easy to install, set of Alcans. These Hippo Hands that fit the GS perfectly—and they also, by design, fit hundreds of other ADV and ST bikes on the market. They are designed to fit over hand/brush guards, install in seconds, and keep the weather off your hands! 

These Alcans can turn a miserable trip into a fun trip. We hear it all the time from so many customers in all parts of the world! Hippo Hands alleviate the need for big bulky, expensive and cumbersome winter gloves. And, when combined with heated grips, create the most comfortable and safe touring scenario possible for your hands.

If you ride in cold temperatures and own a GS, check them out, your knucks will love you for it.     Alcan Hippo Hands


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