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Harley Davidson specific Hippo Hands

Harley Davidson motorcycles are a tough fit for "universal fit" hand covers due to the under-bar mounted turn signals, the down facing throttle cables, and the mirror placement..So, we have developed fits for all these contingencies. On the Harley page you will simply have to match up your bike depending on your handlebar set up. We are also working on development of a leather model for Harleys...Yes! Look for them in the near future.

 click the image below to see our fitment page.

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The new Back Country model

We are proud to introduce our newest model of Hippo Hand, the Back Country. It is a small, efficient, easy to fit, and very quickly mounted hand cover. It allows the rider to stand while riding, and offers wind and rain protection. It was designed for dirt bikes,enduros, and adventure bikes but it's becoming popular with riders of all sorts of bikes.
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