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Coastal riding....in Oregon, you never know what the weather will bring

        Leaving Portland yesterday in 98 degree weather I was feeling parched, dry, over-heated and sweaty....flash- forward 2 hours....I'm dropping elevation to the coast, the temperature is dropping..it feels so good. The dampness of the Oregon coast settles onto my mesh jacket and I instantly feel refreshed....  20 miles later, reality sets in...I'm freezing. The damp 60 degrees of the coast bite through to the bone. My hands are aching under my summer gloves, my body is chilled and it's time to pull over and layer up. Wind breaker, neck gaiter, and Hippo Hands...back on the road, and immediately I realize I'm having fun again. Instead of thinking about that bitter feeling of being cold, I am feeling the acceleration of the bike, feeling the turns, and it's fun.

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