Which Hippo Hands model is best for your bike?

Choosing the right model depends on your bike, riding style and preferences. Please read the descriptions below to help you decide the best model for your riding style and for the bike you ride.

All motorcycle hand covers should be mounted over hand guards, brush guards or lever guards to support the hand covers and to prevent blow-back onto your levers.

Alcan — Maximum coverage
The Alcan™ is a maximum coverage, all-weather hand cover that fits adventure bikes, sport touring bikes, and many others. The Alcan is for riders who embark on cold, wet weather rides and longer tours. These are the absolute warmest hand covers on the market.  These fit BMW GS 1200/1250/850/650, KTM 1290/890/790, Africa Twin, HD Pan America and comparable bikes great.

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Rogue — Mid-sized versatility

The Rogue™ model is our most versatile, mid-sized hand cover— It fits a myriad of adventure and sport touring bikes, as well as some scooters, and other bikes. It is our commuter rider's model of choice.  It offers a large hand opening that stays open at high speeds and they are designed to be fitted over brush/hand guards.

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Backcountry — Designed for Enduro and dirt bikes, they are also a great option for Harleys/cruisers that have swept back bars. email us with your model if you are unsure. Harleys require hand guards installed to properly support Hippo Hands or any hand covers (We recommend Memphis Shades).

Riders who want a smaller hand cover that still offers very good protection but is better suited for standing while riding choose the Backcountry model. We have many customers who love them for cool, wet single-track excursions. These are built to last!

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The Cascade model is designed for eBikes and mountain bikes. They protect your hands from the elements ensuring your fingers stay warm and toasty. Additionally, they enable you to wear thinner gloves for improved dexterity and less hand fatigue.

Cascades are made with waterproof neoprene and install in seconds with no tools necessary. They also have comprehensive reflective components, so they're safe as all get out!

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