Velcro bar wraps
Velcro bar wraps
$ 9.95

Velcro bar wraps

This new version of the Velcro bar wraps will help get your Hippo Hands fitting just right for your bike/hand guard set-up. The foam block enables you to bump the Velcro attachment out to the level of your bar-ends, and for some handlebars it just makes sense to have the foam block as a buffer between your hand guards and the Hippo Hands. The foam bock is also removable for those who simply need the Velcro attachment flush with the hand guards. Experiment a little and find the best fit for your handlebar/hand guard set up.  Velcro wraps are included with your purchase of Hippo Hands, if you lose yours or need updated versions, here they are.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Egusquiza

Great product works well

Thanks, Brian. We appreciate your business and are stoked you're now part of the Warm Hands Revolution!

Mark Cornell
Great service

I received my Rogue Hippo Hands and the velcro that wraps around side of the handguard was a bit short. I contacted Hippo Hands and they immediately put a longer pair in the mail, no charge. Awesome customer service!

Mark, we're happy you're happy. 'nuff said!

Rode all of April because of these

Great service and product. I ride to school 73 miles around 6am and the first couple weeks in April were consistently low 30s, two days at least ten miles of those ride in 29 degrees, and the hippo hands kept my hands warm. They’re absolutely necessary. Good gore-Tex gloves and heated grips still had my hands numb and my soul crying and my brain worrying about frostbite when riding long distance winter miles, but the combination of those grips, goretex, and hippos...? So long as it’s not sleeting, I’m riding and I ain’t crying.
The rubber backed grips were super helpful keeping the hippos on strong. Thank you for sending those free of charge and with patient, kind service. Good company.

Tim Burke

This fixed the issue of the muffs sliding forward! Perfect design!

Dave Harrell
Great product!

Used them on a cold day and didn't have to wear big bulky gloves.