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Badass Winter Ride: Canada

Sovdi Media put together a beautiful short-form documentary following Mike Haberoth, Heavy Enduro Racing and the crew on this crazy adventure! Ride North Moto is a 1000km long ride on Canada's ice road network in the middle of winter! They raised money and awareness for Local Hero Foundation, they provide Medi-Vac services in remote regions of Northern Canada. We were happy to sponsor the effort! Check out the film, follow these great guys and make plans to join them next year!


Badass Winter Ride: Siberia

This video showcases Hippo Hands on a wicked ride on Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. The Baikal Project set two Guinness World Records for the longest ride on ice in seven days. From February 2020, six international riders rode 830km on ever-changing treacherous icy conditions in butt-ass cold temperatures. But, they were prepared and they made it! We were happy to sponsor the ride. Each bike rocked Hippo Hands' Alcan model hand covers. The video you see here was produced for The Baikal Project and Vostok-Europe (they make kick-ass watches for extreme situations) by Simas Šuminskas. Check it out!

Bret Tkacs' Product Review

Check out the juicy goodness offered up by Bret Tkacs!
Hippo Hands review Jan 2018:
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