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Seward to Glennallen – Denali Hwy

We left the Kenai Peninsula heading past Anchorage. How fortunate for us to get to ride the epic Glenn HWY in reverse!

We had heard so much about the Denali HWY from other bikers, for many it was the reason for their trip, to simply ride it.  We stayed in Glennallen for the night and in a cool camp ground by a beautiful river, with no other campers. The mosquitoes were at a savage level not seen since I was destroyed by their cousins in Germany's Black Forest some years ago .

The Denali Hwy intersects Interstate 4 which runs parallel with the Alaska pipeline and links Interstate 4 with the George Parks HWY.  The HWY pops out right at the entrance of the Denali National Park preserve. 135 miles of epic riding! 110 miles off road, dirt and gravel what a suspension pounding ride!

Enjoy the pics people!!


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