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Spring Tour with Team Hippo Hands- Oregon to Utah

May is that time of year when you get every type of weather thrown at you. Our trip to SE Utah this May was no exception. Preparation and packing is the key to success on these tours, as is an understanding of what makes a safe, and fun trip...always high on our priority list! 

I have developed an appreciation for the advent of high tech materials and the products that use them. Touring these days can be comfortable and safe even in the worst weather...and we like that. Our first day on the road was warm and sunny, ending with an amazing random camp spot at Bilk reservoir...heading south the next morning into central Nevada.

Nevada is an absolute gem for moto touring; rural highways with little traffic, beautiful scenery, and great camping. Night two- Great Basin National Park. Camp is at 7800 ft elevation, and the evening approach was cold!

High desert of Utah; stunning scenery, hot days, cold nights. Utah offers nearly endless motorcycle routes through some of the most beautiful terrain in the west. We opted for souther Utah, the Grand Canyon, and the often ignored area around Bears Ears National Monument. Killer hiking up secluded canyons, with tons of Anasazi dwellings and rock art making the place one of my favorite places to hike!

As all good things come to an end, so did the perfect riding weather. Our route home brought us through southern Nevada, California, and back into Oregon through rain, wond and hail at times. My Hippo Hands combined with heated grips absolutely saved my hands. what could have been a miserable last two days of the trip was great...bundled up in all of our gear and marched straight through the storm! 2800 miles in 12 days....saw some amazing country and loved every challenge along the way.


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