Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers
Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers
Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers
Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers
Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers
$ 149.95

Alcan — Max coverage, ADV/touring motorcycle hand covers

The all new Alcan™ is a maximum coverage, all-weather hand cover that fits adventure bikes, sport touring bikes, and many others. It may not surprise you that they are covered with HippoSkin™, our waterproof outer shell, and insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm, flexible, closed cell foam—both are designed to keep inclement weather away from your hands.

We designed them for the BMW GS, but Alcans fit most adventure bikes and sport tourers. The Alcan is the ultimate hand cover for all-weather riders. Alcans have a neoprene cuff ensures a tight fit and seals off wind and rain. They also have a generous, plush, quilted interior hand opening that stays open at high speeds. They are designed to be fitted over hand/brush guards. Alcans are 12" deep.


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Alcans feature front and side reflective panels for higher visibility in low light situations.

Sold in pairs. Hand/brush guards are required for proper fitment and for safety reasons. Hippo Hands go on and off in seconds and never require tools or hardware.



Customer Reviews

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Very nice warm

Pretty good minus one issue.

They fit well and definitely block the elements, but there is a gap on the inside towards the middle of the handlebars that does not close or get blocked off. This causes wind to flow freely into them and really reduces the effectiveness. I need to find a square of Velcro or something to plug that hole and then they will be pretty much perfect. They do fit nicely even with mirrors and are very easy to put on and take off. So, besides that hole issue, I really like and recommend them. In the image I included, which is not my bike or image, but I circled in yellow where the issue of the gap is that I mentioned.

Warm and dry

Great product! Easy to use, easy enough to store, and most important keeps my hands warm and dry. I do quite a bit of cold weather riding. My Hippo Hands make this riding a pleasure.

These are game changing

I’ve been using these for about a month now. My commute to work is about an hour and fifteen minutes. I’ve ridden multiple times in temperatures around 34°F.......with SUMMER GLOVES! (The only ones I have). Hippo hands have been a complete game changer for me. So far, I absolutely love them. Easy to install and very functional. I cannot recommend them higher!

A must have for 4 season riding

I couldn't be more pleased with my Hippo Hands. The quality of the product is very high. They fit my BMW GS adventure very well and allow me to wear lighter weight gloves vs the bulky winter gloves that limit my ability to interact with my GPS or other electronic devices. If you have heated grips, go with the Hippo Hands rather than electric or bulky winter gloves.