Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers
Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers
Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers
Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers
Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers
$ 109.95

Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bike motorcycle hand covers

Our all new Backcountry™ model is designed for dirt bikers, enduro riders, snow bikes and commuters. It may not surprise you that they are covered with HippoSkin™, our waterproof outer shell, and insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm, flexible, closed cell foam—both are designed to keep inclement weather away from your hands.

The Backcountry is 9" deep. If you like to stand and ride, this is the model for you! But… these hand covers also fit to just about any bike, they are even a great option for any cruiser with brush/hand guards. They feature a durable, quilted interior and flexible, neoprene cuff which ensures a great fit on so many bikes. The Backcountry is our smallest, most easily adaptable hand cover. 


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The Backcountry features side and front reflective panels for higher visibility in low light situations.

Sold in pairs. Hand/brush guards are required for proper fitment and for safety reasons. Hippo Hands go on and off in seconds and never require tools or hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Crowl
Best investment in warm hands yet!

I hate wearing heavy gloves with a passion of a thousand burning suns. They never fit and stay properly and I lose valuable control feel. While my grip heaters do work great, they still leave the front of my hands freezing and numb after my usual morning commute.

These Backcountry covers are suited perfect for my morning ride to work, or to the local trail head. When the temps rise enough, I can pull them off and stash them in my Mosko Nomad tank bag. They take up about as much room as my Klim Adventure gloves would If I had to stash them for the lighter Baja gloves I prefer.

They're the perfect solution to someone who hates dealing with heavy gloves, and just needs that little something extra to make the ride that much more comfortable.

I'd absolutely recommend these to anyone who rides a dual sport or super moto for those chilly morning or evening rides.

A thousand burning suns, Gary??? That's some serious hate. We get it! We're glad we can add some love to every ride. It's what the world needs these days... We really appreciate you taking the time to share your powerful words and passion! Welcome to the Warm Hands Revolution!

Jerry Johnson
Warm hands now

Best add on yet! Great quality and price. Fast shipping!

We love to hear that, Jerry! Thanks for sharing a review and welcome to the Warm Hands Revolution!

Chris B.
So glad I have them

Was really surprised by quality construction
I bought for a trip I'm own now. 3500 miles in rocky mountains. Lows of 25 in morning. I have heated grips also. No problems with hands staying warm. 5 other guys riding don't have hippo hands, their hands are cold.

Thanks for taking the time to write your review, Chris. We hear similar stories a lot! We hope the others that were on your ride will join the Warm Hands Revolution soon! Ride on and be safe... and WARM!

backcountry hippo hands

These fit my Harley Pan America perfectly. Don't even need to use the velcro.

Hey Frank B. Thanks for sharing the love. We're glad you like your Backcountrys. We're pretty stoked that Alcans, Rogues and Backcountrys all fit the Pan America so nicely.

Helmets for my last

Bulky winter gloves will no longer inhibit me from "feeling" my motorcycle more intimately. Now with Hippo Hands, I will be using middle-weight gloves in winter. What a difference! Thank you for bringing these back with style!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review! We love when customers totally get the concept of feeling the ride! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution we're glad you're here!