Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
$ 139.95

Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers

The all new Rogue™ model is an amazingly versatile, mid-sized hand cover—10.5" deep, slightly smaller than our Alcan model. Like the Alcans, they are covered with HippoSkin™, our waterproof outer shell, and insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm, flexible, closed cell foam—both are designed to keep inclement weather away from your hands.

It has a flexible neoprene cuff designed to block wind and rain. The protective shell provides all-weather coverage, fits a myriad adventure and sport touring bikes, as well as some scooters, and other bikes. It offers a large hand opening that stays open at high speeds and they are designed to be fitted over brush/hand guards. 


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The Rogue features side and front reflective panels for higher visibility in low light situations.

Sold in pairs. Hand/brush guards are required for proper fitment and for safety reasons. Hippo Hands go on and off in seconds and never require tools or hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Kleiner
well worth the price....and more

Other brands force you to cut holes for the mirrors, which means you have to pull stuff apart just to get them on. I keep my Hippo Hands in my top trunk and can pull them out and mount in under 1 minute. An important feature when the weather comes in.

My bike is my only vehicle. I commute daily year-round and travel. These are great on rainy days any season and are extra awesome with heated grips. Been thinking about picking some up for years. Waited way too long.

Hey Chris, Thanks for taking the time to share your review. We're stoked you're happy with your Rogues! We're for people who really ride and you clearly fit the bill! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution!

Steve Eckles
Warm dry hands

Got these because waterproof gloves are usually only good for a couple years and you never know when they will fall. Even if these eventually were to leak 99 percent of the water would be stopped from getting through your gloves. Looking forward to years of service from these

Hi Steve. We make them to withstand the rigors of riding so hopefully they last as long as you own your bike! Hippo Hands are typically a better value than a lot of 'waterproof' gloves too! Thanks for being part of the #warmhandsrevolution.

Dennis Tanji
Hippo Hands on a 1994 FLST Fat Boy! So far very good

It appears that very few Hippo Hand Rogues and/or Alcans have been mounted on Harley Davidson bikes. I called Hippo Hands and they suggested the best fit would be the Rogues. So I had to come up with my own attachments to make it work! I purchased from e-bay a pair of metal black handguards (pic 1) for about $22 . Mounted them on the rearview mirror posts. I next drilled a hole in the front of the Hippo Hands and aligned it up to the hand guard and drilled a hole in it, in fact I ended up drilling about three holes to get the best fit. The position between the right side and the left side worked out to be very different. I used a 3 /4 inch hex headed bolt with a large washer and matching rubber washer and inserted it through the hole I drilled in the Hippo Hand right and into the hole I drilled on the hand guard pic 2), used a washer and self locking nut to secure the Hippo Hands to the metal hand guard (pic 3), Aligned it to where I felt right and tightened up the nut (pic 4). It's not going any where! I then did the same to the left hand guard and left Hippo Hand. Feels pretty good and looks pretty good. Would of put more pics, but 5 was all that I was allowed. I think it turned out pretty nicely (pic 5). Very easy and quickly to take on and off, if needed. With this instillation, I think the larger Alcan would also fit.

Hey Dennis, We love the ingenuity. And we're stoked that you're liking your Rogues.

Mark Cornell
Excellent customer service.

I contacted Hippo Hands to ask about longer Velcro straps to attach to my handguards. I was planning on buying some but they replied that they were sending some to me, no charge. Awesome customer service and quick shipping. Thank you.

Nels Akerlund

Love the new Rogue! Just did a 4 day ride with lows in the 30s and the hands stayed warm the entire time!

Yeah Nels! Tested and approved by Mr. Akerlund! Welcome to the #warmhandsrevolution we're glad you're here!