Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers
$ 139.95

Rogue — Mid-sized, versatile motorcycle hand covers

We are now taking pre-orders for the new Rogues. The new Rogues will be gray HippoSkin™ fabric, and they look amazing! They will ship out around the end of September. Buy now and get last years pricing on all orders placed from now until October 1st!

We have Alcans in stock, ready to ship now. Just a slightly larger version of the Rogue.

The Rogue™ model is an amazingly versatile, mid-sized hand cover—10.5" deep, slightly smaller than our Alcan model. The waterproof outer shell is our unbelievably durable, HippoSkin™, and insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm, flexible, closed cell foam—both are designed to keep inclement weather away from your hands.

It has a flexible neoprene cuff designed to block wind and rain. The protective shell provides all-weather coverage, fits a myriad adventure and sport touring bikes, as well as some scooters, and other bikes. It offers a large hand opening that stays open at high speeds and they are designed to be fitted over brush/hand guards. 

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The Rogue features side and front reflective panels for higher visibility in low light situations.

Sold in pairs. Hand/brush guards are required for proper fitment and for safety reasons. Hippo Hands go on and off in seconds and never require tools or hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Hefton
Hippo hands rogue

Excellent product! Works well and fit my super tenere perfect. Riding in 40 degrees in the wet Pacific Northwest is much more pleasant now.

KLR650 - Rogue

Looks good, made of high quality materials. They will ?kind of? fit with the stock KLR650 hand guards but not properly. The stock hand guards are a little too big so the HippoHands don’t cover your hands all the way like they are intended to. They make a kind of whirl wind inside of them while riding which defeats the purpose. Seems like it would work better with aftermarket hand guards that are less bulky than the KLR stock hand guards, which will add another cost. The Hippo Hands Rogue is a really well made product but does not work as intended with my current set up. Will most likely upgrade my setup so that I am able to use them……eventually.

good kit

work very well so far down to 33. next is to test at 20 and then 0.

KG Bruce
Quality only hurts once!!

Way more expensive than the competition but the quality of these mitts really shows.

Pete Dunkel Sr.
Ugly but (mostly) good.

I have mine on a 2012 NC700x with Barkbuster storm hand guards and heated grips. As a one size fits most I would say it works pretty good. Definitely helps keep the wind off. They go on quick and come off quick. I would almost call them soft fairings. A bit bulky. The velcro that wraps around the barkbuster sides and the velcro it actually attaches to inside the rogue itself is a little fiddly. The whole thing seems to tilt downward toward the front tire too much... at least for aesthetics ...and possible wind resistance. Seems like I read where they are coming out with one that will bolt into the end of the grips but mine is not one of those. My option would be to punch holes into the rogue itself and use zipties but I don't want to punch holes in a new product.