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MOTOTREK review of Hippo Hands Alcan model

Bret at MOTOTREK (http://mototrek.net) just reviewed our recently-refined Alcan motorcycle hand cover. He did a smashing job telling our story (Bret is a helluva storyteller!!). Anywho, we thought it is more than share-worthy...

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Women ADV Riders Christmas gift guide

Women ADV riders just gave us a great shout out in their 2017 Holiday gift guide!

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Alaska Marine Highway here we come!!

Words from Christine…After months of planning and preparation we finally set out on our epic journey.  The weather was quite pleasant, well at first. As we rode the rain came and the wind picked up. I thought we might be blown away to Kansas!  Luckily the bikes stayed on the ground and we made it to Kirkland, then off again to Bay View campground where we got to rest our tired selves.

545 miles total! The longest time I have ever ridden on a bike in one day.

Really glad I purchased the butt pad!  BMW stock seats are very hard!.  Quality gear that keeps you protected from the elements is essential , we are sol glad we could keep our hands dry and therefore warm!

About to get on the Ferry! Let the journey begin…

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Two wheels to the Arctic...An Alaska Travel Blog. Preparation

Fitting the right tires.
Using the hitch mount for the NOMAR tire changer, works well, perfect working height. Two Heidenau K60’s are mounted and balanced. We have a lot of experience with these tires and have been very impressed.  The F650(800)GS is now pretty much set and ready to head to the Arctic. Heidenau tires for the Tiger have shipped, I will mount them a week before departure to get every mile out of them as possible.  Alaska beckons...
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