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Team Hippo Hands enduro riding in Romania!

The term: Hidden Gem

The place: Curtea de Arges, Romania

The ride: Into the mountains, dirt roads, trails and through the trees. This place offers some exquisite enduro riding. Unlike so many places that have been discovered, Romania boasts some serious enduro/off-road riders, unbelievable terrain, but no crowds to muck it up. What a trip!!!

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The Commuting Combo... at sub zero.

The Combo.

Air Temperature 29.8F, a 30 minute commute, wearing mesh summer gloves with holes, Hippo Hands Back Country hand Covers and heated grips. This combo makes the commute comfortable, without feeling like I am wearing boxing gloves.  Plugging this air temp into the calculator below, provides an approximate wind chill temp at highway speeds.

Temperature 29.8°F  -1.22°C 
Wind Speed   65 Mph  56 Knots
Wind Chill

  9 °F  -13 °C

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We Love Customer photos!!

We love to hear back from our customers after they join the #warmhandsrevolution !!!
Customer Bryan Kreicher to Team Hippo Hands
October 27 at 5:55am · West End, VA
34 degree morning and 36 mile daily commute. Hands stay nice and warm! I wish I would have had these years ago.
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